Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Case study #1 HRD #394 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

#1 HRD #394 - Case Study Example tance of repairing the machines and also improve the conditions and the equipments that would help reduce the cases of accidents and injuries in the work. The programs of behavioral based safety focus the employees as the main cause of accidents and injuries at workplaces. In this, many employees blame their employees for most of the accidents at workplaces, in most cases; however, behavioral based safety targets improving the safety behaviors in the workplaces by the use of employee involvement. It involves identifying the employees practices and behaviors that would help in reducing the risk of injury. Management accountability and engineering control both affect safety issues at workplaces, managers should understand that the safety of their employees also fails in their hands. They should understand that they have the responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for their employees. Management should also ensure that the organization has adequate resources focused towards ensuring that the organization meets the safety and health implementation strategies and objectives. With this in mind then the management is accountable to all its employees in regard to health and safety. Engineering control also affects safety issues at the workplace; regular fixing of the engineering systems in an organization reduces the incidences of accidents and injuries at the workplaces. This fixing of the engineering systems helps improve the hazardous conditions and equipments that help eliminate the potential causes of accidents. This paper concurs with the critics of behavior based safety, the critics of the BBS state that the employees are not always responsible for the accidents and injuries as the advocates put it. Injuries and accidents in the workplaces mainly rise from the unsafe conditions with bad designs, the failure of the organizations to provide the safeguards required and the failure of the organizations to take the best preventive measures. This proves

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